So sweat…just prune off the leaf as close to the stem as possible. 12/10/2020. Had really hoped the palm would be closer to 6’. WINTER WEATHER CAN CAUSE DELAYS IN SHIPPING LIVE PLANTS! Cindy R. Hi there, I have three healthy Parlour Palm pot plants for sale. Hey everyone, I have a large lot of Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palms) in 5 gallon ($35 and up), 7 gallon ($50 and up), 10 gallon ($60 and up), and 25 gallon ($175 and up). After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. your palm trees. (verified owner) – May 9, 2019, Anonymous (verified owner) – April 19, 2018. Such a tropical statement piece. (verified owner) – August 20, 2019. Thanks! Pet friendly plant allows the whole family to enjoy the "island vibes". (verified owner) – November 23, 2020. Sue was very helpful when I informed her about it and provided a partial refund. Sue was so helpful and answered all of my questions. Indoor Plant from Botanicly – Kentia Palm in White Plant Pot + 250 ml of Fertilizer as a Set – Height: 90 cm – Howea Forsteriana 4.4 out of 5 stars 21 £58.95 £ 58 . Perfect condition. (verified owner) – May 28, 2019, Anonymous Larger Palm Trees are $150 per foot of trunk. more info. (store manager) – August 21, 2020, HA! I couldn’t be more thrilled with how gorgeous my Kentia palm is and how well it’s doing. I will most certainly order another specialty plant. Thanks – Sue, Anonymous Sue Waltzer Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree,Green, Nearly Natural 4.5ft. (verified owner) – December 20, 2018. very fast high ratings had been looking for kenita palm for years very hard to find until I found you guys, happy happy happy ! (verified owner) – April 3, 2019. I highly recommend PLANTZ to anyone looking for a quality healthy plant you can be sure you’ll be happy with! This gives the Kentia a very porous soil profile, making it pretty hard to overwater, but don’t let it sit in water. Wonderful palm tree, it’s obvious that pride is taken in the work you do. (verified owner) – October 28, 2019, Britni Thiesen Thanks – Sue, Krystle Give it a little light and occasional water, and you should be in pretty good shape. Sue. Sue. Artificial Palm Plants Leaves Faux Turtle Leaf Fake Tropical Large Palm Tree Leaves Imitation Leaf Artificial Plants for Home Kitchen Party Flowers Arrangement Wedding Decorations, Artificial Palm Plants Tropical Monstera Leaves Faux Turtle Tree Leaf Fake Deliciosa Plant mitation Leaf Simulation Jungle Safari Leaves for Garden Office Store Jungle Beach Theme Party Decorations, Nearly Natural Kentia Palm Artificial Silk Trees, Green, PLANTAE Artificial Snake Plant 20" Inch Tall 16 Realistic Leaves + Mini Artificial Areca Palm Tree 30" Inch Tall 8 Realistic Branches for Home and Office Decor Indoor Including Woven Baskets, Nearly Natural 5335 Kentia Palm Silk Tree, 7-Feet, Green, 6ft Artificial Golden Cane Palm Tree + 5ft Artificial Kentia Areca Palm Silk Tree, Nearly Natural 5ft. Sue from customer service was literally amazing. Prices vary from plant … Check with your local store for current availability. It’s doing great in the shaded area outside. Sue Waltzer (verified owner) – August 7, 2019, I received another beautiful, healthy palm from, Steven Brown If you have a passion for plants you've come to the right place. The staff at Plantz has been thoughtful throughout the process and very responsive to my questions. It is forgiving in lower levels of light as well, but will grow slower and use less water. While this palm has strong tolerance for lower light levels, much better than most palms, it will thrive in moderate and high light. It really brightens up my bedroom! It arrived beautifully, in perfect condition and was so well packaged. Read below for more information on caring for your new plant. But as for the plant it still needs to recover from its hard travel, its still very droopy and bent from places. That’s it. (verified owner) – April 22, 2020, Michael Kaiser Kentia Artificial Palm Sandstone Planter Silk Trees, Green, Nearly Natural 5ft. (verified owner) – August 21, 2018. Thanks – Sue, David G. (verified owner) – June 12, 2019. (verified owner) – February 18, 2019. (verified owner) – May 27, 2020. * … Nursery location is off Freeway 5 in Encinitas, CA, north of San Diego. Easy to unpack and set up. Please send me a photo so I can see how it is doing as it should be the proper height and if it is not, we’ll need to know. They’ll show up as little brown bumps on the underside of the leaves and can be wiped off. (verified owner) – April 30, 2019. Great health but disappointed. Sue, Carl H. We’re here to help if you have any questions going forward! (store manager) – June 26, 2020, Thanks Travis! Brandon Thanks for letting us know. Sue sent across super helpful plant-care instructions and it’s thriving! (verified owner) – October 28, 2019. (verified owner) – June 6, 2018, My plant is beautiful and I love the watering system! I love that they love what they do. I am still a little surprised how well it was packaged and how healthy the plant was (and, knock-on-wood, remains. (verified owner) – April 23, 2019. The palm arrived in a timely fashion and in perfect condition. The Kentia Palms … I absolutely adore my beautiful Kentia Palm! JUNGLE MUSIC -PALM TREE, CYCAD & TROPICAL PLANT NURSERY Jungle Music is a palm tree, cycad and tropical plant nursery established in 1977 to provide the most rare and beautiful plants anywhere! I’m so glad that you’re happy with them! Sue Waltzer See our watering guide for more information. Ficus Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor),Green,Small, Nearly Natural 7Feet Kentia Palm Silk Tree, Nearly Natural 5334 Kenitia Palm Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green, 5ft Artificial Kentia Areca Palm Silk Tree + Aveyas 4.5ft Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Adansonii Tree, 6ft Artificial Ficus Silk Tree & 5ft Artificial Kentia Areca Palm Silk Tree, 5ft Artificial Kentia Areca Palm Silk Tree + 6ft Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, 69in. I hope it will do well once I bring it indoors for winter—I’ve had a difficult time keeping plants alive in my house over the winter Thanks! Perfect for tropical addition to your home or garden. Well packaged and beautiful. Sami Khader (verified owner) – June 3, 2019. The palms are larger earlier in the season and start to get shorter as we head into the cooler months as the growing slows down. chandra tso Seaside Growers Nursery maintains a generous supply of palms and cycads for garden projects. I had to give up a 10 ft. tall beauty when I moved to Florida 5 years ago, so this well-formed new plant is my new family member! I couldn’t have chosen a better plant source than spikes, are a great and simple way to keep your palms healthy. Thanks – Sue, Tiffany W. The service with Sue will meet and exceed any customer expectations – so responsive, helpful and accommodating. I thought I had convinced you to bring it inside and choose another plant for the exterior area! I can’t wait to get some more of their amazing plants. Their help gave me so much confidence to make the purchase and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Plantz – will definitely work with them again! Our Palms Nw, All Purpose Palm Tree Fertilizer. (verified owner) – April 18, 2019. Wish I had another location in my home to add another one! Thank you Sue and the whole team!! (verified owner) – July 10, 2019. (store manager) – June 24, 2020, So glad to hear this! The plant arrived in excellent shape, and the customer service was outstanding. (verified owner) – October 11, 2018, Anonymous Came packaged perfectly & she is so so beautiful. (verified owner) – May 14, 2019, Hanane Boned One of the best indoor palms, withstanding low light, Wholesale and retail palms… (store manager) – May 6, 2020, Hi Kyle, Sue Waltzer I’m still waiting on those photos so we can see what you’ve done with all your new kentia palms! Probably best buying experience I’ve had with an online order. Amazing plant, delivered in excellent condition! (verified owner) – August 19, 2020. They certainly are beautiful right now! Charles Mateson I bought one in Dallas many years ago for twice this amount. Packaged well. (store manager) – July 9, 2020, Thanks for letting us know. The biggest bug problem for this palm is scale. Beautiful Plant. Description. At least the first inch or so. We are at the end of the summer crop and during the year they range from 5-6′ tall. (store manager) – November 24, 2020, Brian Sue Waltzer Very grateful for the service and quality I’ve experienced – highly recommend! Thank you very much and I’m glad I was able to help! Subject to availability. (Calls answered by reception and require a call-back), © 2020 PLANTZ | Any Plant, Any Place, Any Time, Website Designed and Developed by Power On Marketing. Kentia palm … Kentia Palm Description: Ringed trunk with rich green feather-shaped … Arrived looking way better than I imagined. (verified owner) – June 12, 2019, friendly knowledgeable staff, plants are well packed to eliminate damage and include a water tray. I’ve always wanted a Kentia but they are hard to come by so I was so excited to have a large one delivered to my door. If you want to make a tropical statement, with long-lasting and (nearly) care-free features, the 5-6' (in 12" growpot), 3.5-4.5' (in 10" growpot), 3-4' (in 9" growpot), 2-3' (in 8" growpot), James Davenport (store manager) – May 20, 2020, Thank you for the very nice comments. What is a Kentia Palm? Good service and plants but terrible website and online ordering. And the team at Plantz gave great instruction and support to ensure that the plant makes a good transition and long life. There is some size variation, but the main difference is Florida-grown palms are in “traditional” soil while Hawaiian palms are grown in lava-rock based soil. Kentia Palm - Howea Forsteriana The Kentia is native ot Lord Howe Islands, with arching fronds, slim elegant trunk; it is a very graceful palm. Will be gifting one to my bestfriend for her housewarming gift! (verified owner) – September 14, 2018. We order this as a housewarming gift, and worked closely with Plantz to make sure that it arrived timely. (verified owner) – December 14, 2018. I find myself staring at it every time I enter the room it’s in. Howea forsteriana Kentia Palm The Kentia is an upright palm with beautiful, arching, dark green leaves. Sue. I have nothing but positive things to say and I will gift a plant from plantz as well. (verified owner) – October 27, 2020. I was nervous to buy a plant on-line but this far acceded my expectations. Was expertly packaged and arrived in perfect condition. With no disrespect for the less-expensive Areca Palm, don’t confuse the two – the Kentia has a much lower light requirement, will last longer, and it is much more majestic in character. Kentia palm arrived promptly. Little wired about yellow leaf tips but it arrived undamaged and is a beautiful size. A occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will keep your Kentia looking good. Sue Waltzer Palm trees come in many varieties and this Kentia Palm Tree is amongst the most interesting. ... 3 x very large kentia palms in very good healthy condition, they are used to shade conditions and the pots are included. Thank you! Waiting for my 12” planter to come in but I put her in the 10” planter that I had for now so the sub irrigation tray did not fit but I blocked the drainage hole and put just enough water in there to reach almost up to the plastic planter holes. No company can do it better!! Sue, The plant came in literally perfect condition. Love my kentia palms and I’m ready to get a different variety soon but only with Sue’s great help and expertise. Such a beautiful palm. They deserve more than a 5 star rating in my book. Their instructions were detailed and easy to follow, and their follow up after receiving the plant was phenomenal. Looks fantastic! Since they are very slow growers, the ones in nurseries and garden centers usually quite large and cost hundreds of dollars. Sue Waltzer Four healthy palms that look full together but was surprisingly short. Sue Waltzer Will be buying more from Plantz in the future. Using sub-irrigation, this plant can go nearly a month between waterings. Water. Thanks! I received a lovely kentia palm tree within a few days of ordering. Our new tree is gorgeous, exactly as pictured, came impeccably packaged, and it’s now thriving, healthy, and beautiful in our living room (and cheerfully tolerating some nibbling from our cats!) Also the Kentia palm is … This 2,340 square foot house sits on a 6,534 square foot lot and features 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We’re also hoping that you visit us again soon! (verified owner) – May 8, 2019, Anonymous Kentia Artificial Palm Tree, Green, Nearly Natural 4’ Kentia Palm Artificial Tree, Green, Nearly Natural 5383 3ft. (verified owner) – May 6, 2018, William Healthy and full kentia palms for sale to suit medium to bright spots in ur home x palms are a fantastic statement plant which will elevate ur space and make u feel like u are on holiday x lots of other plants, pots and stands available too just message for info x Large and xl kentia palm plants … Can wait to get another plant, Melody Panek It is one of the best plants for improving air quality, removing toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and … Sue, Richard As part of our Hawaiian Collection, it comes to us with a strong root system grown in lava rock giving it long-lasting properties with very little fuss. Sue. Bamboo Palm. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand 5 days a week … Kentia palms are a soft clean palm with minimal mess or damaging roots.It is rare to see seed pods on Kentia palms which are valuable to seed collectors here in Sydney Australia. Cindy R. Nancy S. Unfortunately despite being a very beautiful palm it was barely 5’ tall. The plant main stalks were bent to one side so the plant does not stand up straight. (verified owner) – August 14, 2020, Thank you for the beautiful Kentia palm. (store manager) – May 27, 2020, Thanks for your order and for letting us know! The plant was slightly damaged during shipping and many of the leaves were bent, and one of the branches was bent but not completely broken. My Palm is gorgeous and exceeded all my expectations. Overall great experience! These Kentia palms are hard to find in small, affordable sizes. Not only did the plant arrive large, lush, and gorgeous, but it was clearly healthy, as it came with two new fronds opening up. (store manager) – October 18, 2020, Thanks for the very nice comments. Thank you for the very nice comments. (verified owner) – October 28, 2020. Hopefully this will correct itself over time. (verified owner) – April 24, 2018. It’s also one palm that can tolerate low-light conditions.