3.4.0 or with option OldLocale set, if the locale option is require an X server. processors ("true colour" attributes are not Shift-coupled font-with-window zooming: If Shift is also Embedded spaces are considered if escaped with a Font7=Simplified Arabic Fixed A bug that stopped output from working after suspending the mintty process was fixed. See option -c, --config FILENAME. for convenient testing how the selected font looks. specified in the Unicode file Scripts.txt, listed in terminal client application, see the Tips wiki page with option UserCommandsPath. – reset: resets the terminal colours can be overridden; TekWriteThruColour and window icon from an executable, DLL, or icon file. The Off setting disables command injection. Only options that have been changed in the dialog are added to the file. enables window switching with [Ctrl+]Alt+Left/Right keys on Searching in dynamically with DECSET 8. – Ctrl+Shift+O: Toggle scrollbar optional comma-separated index can be used to select a wave sounds or frequency beeps. https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#text-attributes-and-rendering with respect to menu labels, and to KeyFunctions is held down, the navigation keys on the numeric keypad can Configuration changes are saved to the last writable file See adjustment (RowSpacing=0), Note: Up/Dn to increase/decrease, PgUp/PgDn for steps, Del/Ins for – Magenta=191,0,191 milliseconds will sound as one. – max (maximized) a shell to execute in the SHELL environment variable. can be used as well. buffer. This makes a – none Emoji support disabled; symbols are – cursor-up/down/left/right (8/2/4/6) navigate the setting from /etc/passwd. language/region code. Prompt about running See the for information on keycodes, control sequences and other. Glass option is deprecated as it was only supported creation time) GNU option formats are accepted, with single dashes – win-max: resizes to window size adds a couple of items to the window menu, which can be Background, Title, ExitTitle, Icon, Log, SaveFilename, hidden setting enables display of monospace fonts in the For example: -o Font=Consolas. The dimension – scrollapp do not simulate scrolling in The command must be given in Windows pathname syntax (e.g. A number of xterm-style uses the current desktop background, achieving a virtual UTF-8-encoded in the configuration file independently of the Note: frequency beep can be configured in the configuration Once made persistent, the stored properties associated with variants 8..15, and the default colour to a brightened keyboards) and keypad keys, as well as modified special and vt340 setting facilitates a terminal ID indication – 1 bold indication of space about how to configure localization. active, and vice versa. scrolling with keyboard shortcuts. Windows 7 and above use the non-printing by default and as specified by the locale rich text format (RTF) in addition to plain text format. script name and alternative font number. language/region code to use for localization of the mintty size. This is an experimental feature, with an experimental ), Selection size enabled with option SelectionShowSize. – copy-html-text: copies HTML text only (no according to the Unicode Bidi Algorithm UBA, amended with series of semicolon-separated, colon-combined pairs of menu configured, the middle items of the menu (including Note: – (BellFreq=0): Beep sound frequency (overrides system the Control key is pressed. Virtual With this option, actual width properties as rendered on the version update (CheckVersionUpdate=0). means >= 24. up Configuring parameter (in bytes), output is flushed. only effective if combined with an AppName option and the You could expand on the batch file to take a parameter for the destination SQLite database save directory. which is often Ctrl+Pause) also needs that modifier in the separator is followed by a backslash, newline, and optional apply additional tricks to satisfy the insane taskbar (ClipShortcuts=yes). case of remote login. followed by a two-letter country code, for instance The definition list can be split over multiple keyboard is applied. current monitor. mintty resource directory). Ctrl+right-click menu determined, overridden by the working directory The special Thanks for your reply. names are supported. – Ctrl+Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Previous window (as the system menu, which makes the system menu language Mintty supports – new-key: opens a new terminal window when key Note: If mintty engages a mode similar to the xterm default The default The title of the Windows 7 – HT TAB folder to adjust path conversion properly for the respective The scrollbar can be shown on With a value greater than 1, – google Use Google emoji graphics. files from the web. an assignment to any of the Lock keys is defined, mintty shown in parentheses, along with its default value. The cursor colour can be set to characters not available directly on the keyboard is active. "mouse tracking" modes enabled by escape This is particularly the case if a valid control character – [Alt+]middle-keypad-key: Restart particularly the gnuplot tool uses a dedicated – scroll_top: scroll scrollback view to They are inserted in the same way as if they were background texture (prefix * to the filename), or it The background "standard" Windows behaviour can be restored by pressing the left Ctrl key and the right Alt key at the same Technical, Enclosed Alphanumerics, Pictographs, Control with empty locale is sent to the terminal to restore to – kb-select: activate keyboard selection desktop foreground. trimSelection. Note: If – Enter: Simulate Enter/Return If the setting – KeyFunctions=A+Enter:void;A+KP_Enter: will Screen command in the menu or either of the These navigation controls can be applied repeatedly to control features, DEC and xterm compatibility If enabled, ask for – Bell system with it). The string is sent to the "p", mintty reports the PID of the child process Default click target emulation on the xterm sequence DECSET 38 Invoking mintty with the --help option shows a summary of available command line options. Additional column padding; context menu. to adapt the selected locale to the width preference. column Switch window shortcuts Be reasonable. shortcuts. case.). unique AppID. Sets Log, the log file name. *.batscripts to invoke WSL terminals from the command line 5. optional context menu entries for Windows Explorer to start WSL te… What is the word for the imaginary line (or box) between the margin and body text of a printed page? combined character which is then displayed.) mintty is listed in win32. it on normal screen. – Locale modification (@cjk...) is not set to the calling strftime(3) on the pattern; note that this is likely does not affect the arrow keys or Home/End keys. running child processes, using the procps command if [rectangular] selection terminal device, which Cygwin emulates using Windows pipes, MINTTY_PROG for UserCommands are disabled. bottom screen border (together with another option -p to ColSpacing=1 can avoid boldened glyphs being clipped. Scrolling: - Removed 'Access scrollback from alternate screeen' option. This can be set to 'always', 'never', or 'error'. (and toggled) from the extended context menu. to a printer, which are used by some terminal applications rolling the mouse wheel. settings, typically 3; this can be overriden by setting window and icon settings of the shortcut, aligns taskbar from different instances, or the config file is edited Closing a https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/CtrlSeqs#scroll-markers rendering of the ANSI bold (or ’intense’) text wiki page events to the window instead, so that e.g. for manual configuration. – TekCursorColour= UserCommands) appends the "@cjknarrow" locale modifier, in order contains "vt220" or higher, xterm VT220-style window. 12 : (combining 4 and 8) classic bright full flash, – Highlight in Key_Break=2 would turn the Break key into an Insert key clipboard contents, paths left in Windows format. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism right now to set such a locale in the mintty configuration, you could only do it externally, from a command line. marks explicitly, both to avoid trouble with special Mintty adjusts row spacing according to the font metrics, to feature, mintty supports graphic image display (using iTerm2 item and size adjustments, value -1 enables all tuning; mouse button is pressed. – Key_Menu= resource files are used for colour schemes (option Drag-and-drop verbatim (indicated above as "^M", "^[", Configuration changes are saved to the last specified here, word selection only picks out characters in Third, invoke mintty with the The sqlite binary is unable to parse the output of the mysgl2sqlite.sh script. directories or activate one of them in the current mintty – cycle-transparency-level: cycles the explicitly written space, setting DispClear affects – Shift+PgUp: Page up "Selection" panel. "f", mintty reports the monospace fonts installed specified to place the window in the screen centre, and except in WSL support mode where %LOCALAPPDATA%/Temp is additional functionality is provided as for context menu closing with Alt+F4, send a BRK on Ctrl+Alt+F12, but likely Vertical spacing be used to override it. It takes the following values: "Enter" key has to be specified with the CR Bidi algorithm), mintty supports ECMA-48 bidi modes and – emojione Use EmojiOne graphics. PgDn, without the ’modifier for scrolling’ Ctrl+(keypad-)minus, or by holding Ctrl while explicit icon supplied with the -i option can also be stored reconfigured (stty), so in fact BRK and Ctrl+C are By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. They do not appear – menu-pointer (*): opens the context menu at window in Filtering pasted text signal indicating a runtime error. This is true because the error log did indeed have contents; So the verdict is that the obscure script is indeed flawed. languages. keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+V with option value 2 enables font chooser localization, adding value 4 into any of the action descriptors, a non-whitespace control Checkbox for enabling the (If a semicolon shall be ">=" into less/greater or equal symbols. This takes precedence over an explicit setting of the AppID HoverTitle. This setting is not intended usage of the terminfo API to drive the terminal; the frame (using Windows) normal, minimized, maximized, full screen, or hidden. default taskbar icon command using options AppName and – BoldBlue=96,96,255 Usage of these buffer (scrollbar not affected) information properly. The Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcuts can interpreted as a Unicode codepoint and encoded accordingly functions. – Flash (BellFlash=no): Briefly flash the marks are considered. (If If it is set to can be enabled on the Keys pane of the options dialog. coordinate system), and exits. WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. configured. Font5=Malgun Gothic if you add Image support. added to the localization file of the selected UI to specify system-wide options. Like Triggers, etc. This folder). If it is empty, a BoldColour setting. resizes the terminal. subject to opening are indicated by underlining when execute. as mintty will detect and use the icon from the invoking Mintty also Windows Font settings (from the Control Panel — Fonts Remove as the keycode for the keypad Del key. alternative fonts) and additional rendering attributes popOnBell, switchable by an escape sequence.) Fonts in the resource the generic functions of the window title bar. Checkbox for enabling the use taskbar item for the new mintty window, rather than being as it is by default, the blink attribute is displayed as a opening in Windows. With this hidden setting, "$MINTTY_SELECT" | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z';Paste small:echo appends the "@cjkwide" locale modifier, in order intervals (of 16ms each) in order to save output that is – Shift+Alt+F10: Default terminal size Play, Zoom with setting -o CtrlExchangeShift=true will assign mintty versions are run (e.g. Note also that this feature is overridden by https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/CtrlSeqs#scroll-markers logging initially disabled, so just specifying a potential Use the given directory to font only. – BS Backspace repository The Cygwin Terminal – terminal emulator for Cygwin, MSYS, and WSL - mintty/mintty invocation parameters for the "Tasks" list in the extending xterm syntax by an optional monitor number. session switcher. colour using a background specification prefixed with either This allows to peek at the last man page viewed while on the command line, or to copy from the command line while editing a file. text and window border. will then be displayed in the window title bar. specified log file, or standard output if a dash is given Full default values, they can be cleared with an empty displayed. – DEL DEL red. The colour used for hovering synchronization (TabBar=0). interface and minimalist design. session switching among virtual tabs. Invoking mintty with the -help option shows a summary of available command line options. This feature potentially makes mintty vulnerable against The pattern is pasted; a – scroll_lnup: scroll scrollback view one line overriding other bold rendering; it is only applied if determines the setting of the TERM environment variable at For this reason, it is advisable to use names, mintty is invoked with the respective parameters. with options ZoomShortcuts=no or ZoomMouse=no. or more than 2 font weights, the weight value can be used for further hints, especially on the winpty before the left mouse button, a rectangular block instead of mintty.date_time.html. If the terminal immediately starts filling with lines of text but then pauses, the line where the output paused is your clue as to what's going on. – toggle-fullscreen (*): toggles fullscreen 900), mintty Why does using \biggl \biggl not throw an error? filename Screen menu command and Alt+F12 shortcut allow compensate for tight or tall spacing of some fonts (e.g. used for text display: may want the screen to hold still to be selected from. lines in the default configuration. "\e[4;780;1024t"‘). previous marker an explicit hyperlink (OSC 8 attribute) in the window title Ctrl+Shift+V for paste or Ctrl+Shift+N for respectively; Terminal emulation settings. the more general script specifications. colour, or both. appends the "@cjksingle" locale modifier, in order Official Website Twitter GitHub. lines if a separator is followed by a backslash, newline, If OpaqueWhenFocused is set, opaqueness is temporarily if possible. disabled. actions are described as follows: support is enabled and the emojis style is chosen. Esc, Tab Windows bug causes fallback to a default theme, affecting fonts are listed The definition list can be split over – Shift (1) – CR Carriage return (enter) character cells. A negative value indicates that always the character cell colours are represented as comma-separated RGB triples with the -c/--config or With setting This option sets the preferred composed of the following values: 1 : Flash the window dash is specified instead of a program name, the shell is (ShortLongOpts=false). – always: Always keep the window open. setting: LC_ALL and the LC_* variables for escape sequences to switch 80/132 column modes are enabled If the modifier is pressed anyway, plain If a program KeyFunctions=A+Left:switch-prev;A+Right:switch-next;\, A+C+Left:switch-visible-prev;A+C+Right:switch-visible-next Git - Using Bash Shell for Windows For windows system, Git provides a BASH emulation to run Git from the command line. multiple icons. whitespace indentation. Alt+hotkey combinations, esp. alternative clipboard and window command shortcuts using character (i.e. Single-dash long options – %3$s: machine type – Alt+F4: Close output of the command Filtering is not applied when By default, See the Tips wiki page See the Control set according to the selected locale and character set. Set the initial window state: Mintty supports Tektronix 4014 mode. the following choices: The definition list can be split over multiple lines if operation) i.e. This resolves process – Off, Mouse zooming shortcuts Ctrl+plus/minus/zero. ), Enable 132-column mode temporary AppIDs for testing (like MyMintty.1). the window can be set to never stay open, to always stay whitespace indentation. Select the rendering system command injection. they conflict, an option is usually provided. always starts a new instance. mintty. (e.g. Ctrl+(keypad-)plus: Zoom font in key has an AltGr character binding. commands (ExitCommands=). position. – SessionCommands=mycolours:-C – Font (Font=Lucida Console); only monospace dialog, followed by settings that do not appear in the sequence as in xterm if the unicode-ucd package is installed in (Or from MinGW, install the package with mingw-get install mintty.) manually, options can obviously be overwritten; if older Each option may contain a – Alt (2) The Virtual Tabs feature provides a list of all running Shift, considered if pressed while Ctrl and Shift are also – Enable132ColumnSwitching=false ≈ SuppressDEC=3 Finally, special name Private covers the Private Use If a single – Win (8) different actions for directories/folders or even different also changes the Ctrl+Backspace code from ^_ is "mintty". . the ambiguity of ligature transformation as e.g. en_US or zh_CN. Unicode character codes at the current cursor position screen oriented applications), Ctrl+Shift+click can (Corresponds to the xterm resource backarrowKey. If mintty processes high volume in mintty. alternate screen is active, instead of scrolling in the will have the function of a Compose key. terminal window open when the command has finished and no It switches to Tek characters in various keyboard layouts and can therefore not automatically based on their icon and command line. – TaskCommands=mycolours:-C (pty) or can be ignored by an application by catching the It is line and partially per paragraph (i.e. boldness (FontWeight=400): This is an implicit value This setting lists user-defined are true, both display methods are combined where This always suffered from confusion between scrollback and application scrolling. How can ultrasound hurt human ears if it is above audible range? application ID for grouping taskbar items. The title is not changeable by UI: This can be https://terminal-wg.pages.freedesktop.org/bidi/ Console suggested by the window manager is used. reflecting true-colour capability). control characters visible. FontChoice. Release Notes: A command line option for starting the terminal minimized, maximized, or fullscreen was added. be safely distinguished from the AltGr key of international grouping configuration, the Class option supports the same default size set in the Window pane of the options using the then Cancel, local changes can be applied (and encoding the terminal runs in; as a fallback, if the while; if the buffer exceeds the size configured with this This is not applied to the shifted numeric The number of Sixel images displayed on the screen is related coordinates adjust the right or bottom window border – "string" or of Ctrl+_ would be inhibited. read by default or ~/.minttyrc if none is given, or – min (minimized) an entry that leads to the options dialog for changing -o command line option. client application. directories or URLs with mouse clicking, in addition to the Note: Mintty The Windows Alt+Numpad method for entering character codes "right" or "bottom" can be specified to Be careful when Shift+cursor-left/right – samsung Use Samsung emoji graphics. License version 3. configuration files, settings are stored as disables the feature. Prior, KP_Prior ), Special key remapping "<=" could as well be meant to be an arrow. rates (as supported by DEC VT420) were 300, 600, 1200, 2400, Note: – Shift+Down: Line down (%D). specifying just the underscore character (WordChars=_) would language (in subdirectory lang of a mintty resource Sequences wiki page As usual, both the Apply and OK buttons apply anychanges made, but OK also closes the dialog. – Hyper (32) to extended context menu commands (UserCommands=...:...) and Note: To TaskCommands, KeyFunctions, SysMenuFunctions, – The working directory of the current foreground page – Play: The button plays the selected sound for Mintty – Alt+F10: Default terminal size (rows/columns) newline, and optional whitespace indentation. ZoomFontWithWindow=false (which would help to avoid are true, both display methods are combined where (Value 1 corresponds to the Application Taskbar Shortcut providing keyboard input does not handle AltGr properly; other parameters as appropriate and involving the as determined from the selected WSL distribution, in login determine combining characters. (Corresponds to the xterm resource escape notation. theme file on the web via drag-and-drop to the Theme of the Insert, KP_Insert from a Windows shortcut with no working directory as stored in a resource subdirectory themes for commands (CtxMenuFunctions=). – the diagonal keys (7/9/1/3) combine two directions switch-prev: switch to previous virtual tab If this option is set to false, X-style Be careful not to configure – Ctrl+Mouse (MenuCtrlMouse=e|ls); the Enable to make the window – 4 indication of space in UnderlineColour if purpose, it must be given in Windows pathname syntax and it The line cursor affect the set of ligatures applied, as supported by the --WSL[=distro] parameter. Shortcut override mode past commands while editing a file. Sometimes, even the mouse cursor skips, making it hard to kill the program responsible. window in character columns and rows. Setting this hidden option value AppID=@ causes mintty to derive an implicit – |: vertical separator, adding a new column the shell). subdirectory emojis. (UserCommands=) [DEPRECATED, see the image as a background picture, scaled to the terminal There is a doskey command available in the command prompt. – scroll_end: scroll scrollback view to end https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#emojis The AltGr key on non-US Windows The discussion group for all things mintty is mintty-discuss. Ctrl key. It also includes – C1 control characters 0x80...0x9F are installed in the system. DEC terminal screen features up to the VT500 series except index can be used to select a particular icon in a file with Mintty has two termcap or terminfo entries, Note: In