Pink rectangular lights now adorn countless stages and pastel neon signs shine on artwork with stunning vistas in the background. Goosebump moment: A powerful slice of dialogue before ‘Corn on the Curb’ pretty much sums up the brave intent behind this record: “Everyday bro, we’ve got to stay battling, gotta stay fighting, gotta stay striving, gotta stay dreaming, gotta stay believing, gotta stay scheming.” RB. WR, James Blake’s debut album was created for melancholy and dark nights. The world wasn’t an easy place in 2012 (when was it ever? For the finale, they just straight-out recited a John Cooper Clarke poem. She’s never stopped getting weirder and thinking bigger since: her forthcoming ‘Miss_Anthropocene’ is “a concept album about the anthropomorphic goddess of climate change: a psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/beauty queen who relishes the end of the world.” You better believe she’ll be going Method for it, too. Artwork by: John Gorham. Take its featured guests. ‘R U Mine?’. Goosebump moment: When Granduciel really, really fucking goes for it, whooping two thirds of the way into ‘An Ocean In Between The Waves’ and you think your heart might actually burst. The woman bathed in pink light will haunt our dreams forever. ‘Please Be Naked’. Now it’s just… fine? Inspired by Victorian etchings, it’s one of the past year’s strangest – and strongest – pieces of cover art. Album covers, in general, are meant to be a visual accompaniment to the music contained within. Condo also painted a fancy Hermes Birkin handbag that West later gave as a present to Kim Kardashian. In Their Own Words: “Yeezus was the beginning of me as a new kind of artist. The album would become his own eulogy when Bowie passed away two days later. Goosebump moment: That drop three minutes and six seconds into ‘Dance Yrself Clean’. Opening track ‘Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter’ saw Kendrick evoke his endearingly misspent youth, bombing through LA in his mum’s car to meet a girl named Sherane. ‘End’. It’s perfect for me” – Matty Healy, NME cover feature, November 25, 2016. Empty Room 6. Merchandise’s first album for new label home 4AD was poppier – though it’s album cover could have fooled you into thinking it was another indie lo-fi offering. The industry has changed dramatically. This was Kanye standing on top of the world. 7. Kanye’s detractors, you suspect, have two primary grumbles. Then it careens into the fierce guitars of ‘Ready To Start’, submerges itself in the melancholy of ‘Modern Man’ and leaps back up to the sinister, magisterial rush of ‘Rococo’. The edges would get smoothed over later on, but this is the band at their purest. 2012 was a time where people could go viral online just because they were good. ‘In The Dark Places’ 9. JM, After Damon Albarn spent the early part of the century exploring new hip hop and old funk samples with Gorillaz, the first Blur album in 12 years somehow felt like the bigger gamble. 14. ‘Written on the Forehead’ 12. “What do you meeeeeeeean you’ve never seen Blade Runner?” Still got it. That doesn’t change even if you’re one of the most famous young pop stars on the planet, but at least you can pour your feelings and reflections into a decade-defining album as you work through the debris of a relationship. JB. 14. ‘England’ 8. Buy Classic Album Covers of the 60's: Over 200 of the Best Covers of the Decade New Ed by Thorgerson, Storm (ISBN: 9781843402503) from Amazon's Book Store. 3. JM, Chance fans who were left disappointed by the rapper’s schmaltzy ‘The Big Day’ at least knew they’d always have ‘Acid Rap’ to fall back on. 3. Their breakthrough came with yappy math-rock debut ‘Antidotes’ (2008) but it was ‘Total Life Forever’ that bore greater emotional heft and grander sonics. Dark Paradise 8. The anthemic ‘Still Life’ remains the band’s high point to this day. Here are the best and worst albums of the past decade, according to … This is rap’s own ‘Bitches Brew’. Come on. Yet for all of its paranoia and doom, ‘The Suburbs’ is a record that still sounds absolutely beautiful. ‘Nightmusic’ 12. Goosebump moment: The tense, staccato piano chords that open ‘We Used To Wait’; the calm before the storm. What about the lovely, melancholy double meaning of: “Leave me listening to the Stones/2000 Light Years From Home”? ‘I Wanna Be Yours’. ‘Judas’ is a Biblical traitor fable shot to heady Eurovision heights. Goosebump moment: The stunning, build-and-release eruption in ‘Spanish Sahara’. RB, Unknown Mortal Orchestra end the 2010s as indie’s most treasured new hero and it was their self-titled debut that laid the groundwork at the start of the decade. There are fantasies of fleeing fruitlessly from the sprawl, nostalgic daydreams laced with sorrow, and straight-up denial that anything is even wrong. In their own words: “I think the very notion of the suburbs in the old-fashioned sense – that homogenised sprawl of corporate housing and malls – is like a metaphor for something much bigger.” – Win Butler, The Guardian, November 2010. Instead, eight years after third album proper ‘Human After All’, they returned to blow our minds. So, in short: a bit of a weird one. Radiohead – ‘The King Of Limbs’ (2011). Its title track and opener is a melancholy skip of piano and a march of percussion, gradually incorporating distant sweeps of violin and ghostly backing vocals. EA. An existential crisis haunted by the ticking clock of mortality, it was the sound of indie-pop’s smart alec’s facing the sobering realisation they didn’t know it all. Adding extra polish to promising 2012 debut ‘Oshin’, album two saw Zachary Cole Smith and co honing their melodic indie-pop brilliance with simply stunning songwriting. The decade best album covers 5. 4. Like this? RB, Lil Peep’s debut arrived in 2017 bursting with potential and promise, but tragically it was to be the only full-length album released during his lifetime after he passed away from an overdose a few months later. Best album covers of the 1990s. You can spot the Run The Jewels aesthetic immediately. 7. Goosebump moment: You wouldn’t call that lyric about Taylor Swift a “goosebump moment”, exactly, but it’s lost none of its awful potency, encapsulating Kanye West in one line: provocative, frustrating, fascinating. Happy New Decade! The album cover features Kendrick Lamar, two of his uncles, and his grandfather, with everyone’s eyes censored apart from Kendrick. ‘UGH!’. There were a lot of great albums released in the 2010s but only one of them features prominent lyrical references to both Mean Streets and Thunderbirds. ‘Black Skinhead’, 3. NK, Emerging fully formed on his debut studio album, which swung confidently between barked braggadocio (see the frenetic ‘Bad Boys’) and crooned introspection (the Lily Allen and Kehlani collaboration ‘Cigarettes & Cush’), it’s no wonder Stormzy was headlining Glastonbury just 18 months after it landed. Despite comparisons to Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’, it was an album that stood proudly unique – social commentary wrapped up in sounds that pushed boundaries and spanned genres. She laid rich and hypnotic vocals over sirens, attacking the clutches of fame and celebrating the nighttime dreams of house parties going nowhere. It was the apex of teen-pop and finally good enough for adults. Ready To Start 3. I tried to channel overwhelming emotions.” Frank Ocean, Tumblr, 2011. ‘Knee Socks’. 9. ‘Genesis’ 3. Moving on from the hipster Hollywood bars of his debut ‘Fear Fun’ and the sanctity of his marital bed on ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, Father John Misty delivered big themes and even bigger tunes on his elegantly elegiac third album. Lana was the first contemporary sad girl who sang. At the age of 68, Iggy wanted one more shot at true greatness. Jonathan Barnbrook wanted to tinker with one of Bowie’s classic covers for his comeback album ‘The Next Day’ – a way of both remembering and dismantling the past – and said: “It had to be an image that would really jar if it were subverted in some way and we thought ‘’Heroes’’ worked best on all counts.”. With ‘Channel Orange’, Frank Ocean announced himself as a generational talent. The writing is sharply-observed, sometimes self-lacerating and often laugh-out-loud funny. Filled with real-life tales of heartbreak, fragility and the pains of growing up (‘Prom’), even guest spots from the likes of Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar couldn’t wrestle your focus away from a sensational, heart-on-sleeve performance from SZA. But it’s Bon Iver’s self-titled gem is his real crown jewel. Try this: Halsey – ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’, Tracklist: 1. Flying Lotus – ‘You’re Dead!’ Artwork: Shintaro Kago There have been a few changes since we first unveiled numbers 50 through 26 because, well, curating this was hard. From the shameless bop of ‘My Number’ to the tender but paranoid ‘Late Night’, Foals’ third album saw them assume their ultimate form to create something so muscular, dancey, ambient and ultimately widescreen that it cemented them as the artful and conscious arena rock daddies the decade needed. The result was a dense, complex and utterly triumphant work of art. SM, With their self-titled 2009 debut, The xx influenced the subsequent decade of music a great deal; but with their third album ‘I See You’, they deviated from murmured minimalism, and ran wild with each member’s respective talents. In his claim that there’s nothing great about Britain, he fails to acknowledge the bittersweet beauty that generations of negligence and marginalisation has spawned in this country, through art and resistance; his own career a great example. 16. ‘Born to Die’ was released when Donald Trump was merely a businessman and TV personality. ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ is an urgent and essential record, one that ruthlessly unpacked the delusions of nationalism, class structures and Tory government in a way that was both timely and long-lasting. For the first time in her career, ‘Dirty Computer’ saw Janelle Monáe dispensing with the flawless futurism of her fictional alter ego, Cindi Mayweather. It was hard to know if he wanted you to laugh or cry at his winking solo John Lennon-esque showtunes, which took on life, the universe, the endless churn of capitalism and VR sex with Taylor Swift. That was to confuse and frighten, a crucial reset after becoming the band that gave their song to an X Factor winner to desecrate. The last bona fide popstar of the 2010s, it perfectly captures the emotional clusterfuck of being a teenager over 14 unique tracks of trap-influenced pop, bare face balladry, horror film dread, and funny lyrics that have made Billie Eilish a Gen Z prophet. The decade best album covers 5. EH, A crack of thunder set the stark and ominous tone for A$AP Rocky’s debut studio album before a sharp quip: “I thought I’d probably die in prison/Expensive taste in women”. Here is a list of the 30 best cover songs of the decade. Casting influences that span generations and genres, the best 70s album covers not only define a decade in which notions of what was possible – or even permissible – were being challenged, they have transcended the music within, becoming works of art in their own right. Dropped a month before the EU referendum, it came like a gritty and raw statement of intent against troubling times. Classic albums. It all started with those drums. PJ Harvey – ‘Let England Shake’ (2011). Goosebump moment: The desperate sorrow of ‘Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks’, when Berninger repeatedly sings: “All the very best of us/String ourselves up for love.” EA. The ageing hipster was done with the scene he created on 2002’s ‘Losing My Edge’. ‘Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)’ 11. 28. ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Born This Way’ are wonderfully silly, overblown and flamboyant. Goosebump moment: Lead single ‘Unsainted’ sounded exactly as you’d hope Slipknot would sound in 2019. Goosebump moment: Bowie’s devastating farewell with a wink as he sighs: “Look up here, I’m in heaven/I’ve got scars that can’t be seen/I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen/Everybody knows me now“. 4. With it Beyoncé reminded us she’s the greatest game-changer we have. National Anthem 7. As minimalist as the artwork for ‘Suck It And See’, the wiggly AM cover may have been simple but it was effective and communicated some of the electricity of the album’s music. The album’s artwork features an image of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture of Orpheus and Eurydice. Goosebump moment: When ‘Lisbon, OH’ seamlessly transitions into the stunning vocoder ballad ‘Beth/Rest’. Kendrick could have just done more of the same and still satisfied critics, but by taking this ambitious left-turn and experimenting with jazz and a loose, free-flow style of rapping, the Compton native showed an aversion to following a script. ‘Infinite ❤ Without Fulfilment’ 2. In between, she was full of lust and ready to carve up the makeshift dancefloor, watery-eyed in quiet, painful moments, and – for a brief moment – craving revenge. Her contradictions made her alluring. No – we mean the way that as soon as you heard ‘AM’ erupt out of your speakers for the first time it was clear that from now on the Arctic Monkeys were moving to a different beat. How the hell do you follow ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’? 17. ‘Love Me’ took on selfie culture, while ‘She’s American’ rolled its eyes at a Stateside lover obsessed with status. 18. Their breakthrough sixth studio album had the riffs and the vintage flair and it ultimately laid the foundations of an arena-ready juggernaut. ‘The Art of Peer Pressure’. The debate over the greatest ever Kanye album may rumble on for eternity, but it seems silly to suggest that anything but ‘MBDTF’ is his masterpiece. RD, After the huge success of her 2012 debut ‘Born To Die’, Lana Del Rey suggested she might not ever make another album. Now everyone’s an A&R. Radiohead – ‘The King Of Limbs’ (2011). One of the best album covers of the 80s, Purple Rain encapsulates the decade’s aesthetic. In their own words: “It sounds like a Dr Dre beat, but we’ve given it an Ike Turner bowl-cut and sent it galloping across the desert on a Stratocaster.” Alex Turner, NME, July 2013. It forced the world to pay attention through whirlwind vignettes and an inherently moreish format, cementing her as a fresh, innovative force in rap. While intended to be LCD’s swansong, ‘This Is Happening’ felt so complete in its nine songs of oh-so-human electronica that it inspired a wave of emulation of their sentimental but self-aware take on dance-punk, later begging their return. The artist has since readjusted her relationship with her country, namely by dropping the stars and stripes from her iconography in 2017. Laura Marling – ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ SM. ‘Born to Die’ has always sounded like a dream, one maybe lost in its own haze at the time. “Let the vagina have a monologue” she declared on ‘Django Jane’; “This pussy is gonna grab you back” she warned on ‘I Got the Juice’. Paranoid, prescient lyrics about the planet (“God damn this boiling space”) and existentialism cross-pollinated intricately textured art rock songs that remain their greatest to date. It begins with a song that sounds like the national anthem of Hades (the lumbering ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’) and ends with the epic number that gives the album its title; think a Bond theme, only performed by a choir of ghosts. Right on cue, it was grime’s time to shine. ‘Pilot Jones’. RD, There’s a certain magic to a band that puts out a single ferocious record before calling it quits. Nothing. 17. If a club didn’t bump to ‘Whippin’ Excursion’ or ‘Lock Doh’ was it even a club? ‘The Louvre’. In the summer of 2012, as the end of Barack Obama’s first term as the President of the United States of America came to a close, Christopher Breaux held a listening party for his debut studio album, ‘channel ORANGE’. ‘Sober II (Melodrama)’. There’s nothing as exciting as a surprise that pays off. It’s been a complicated time for British music, and in truth, for us here at NME, too. Musically Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg and The-Dream have all said it inspired them, and her visual album treatment paved the way for artists like Frank Ocean to put out expansive video albums. As ever with Ariel, it was a bit more experimental than that. ‘…Pablo’, West’s most confounding masterwork, is a pornographic kaleidoscope of sound, shifting between high and low culture as abruptly as one jarring sample interrupts another. Natural Child - Okey Dokey (2016) Still in Rock. Soon after, the album, ‘channel ORANGE’, was released. About loving men passionately. SM, DIIV have never been particularly interested in reinventing the wheel; instead, they set about doing a common formula better than anyone else. And in Kim Kardashian, he finally had the girl of his dreams. The euphoric ‘On Hold’ – built around a stuttering Hall & Oates sample – has Jamie xx’s dancefloor credentials written all over it, and ‘Say Something Loving’ is Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim’s shimmering power ballad moment. The subject matter of ‘Nørgaard’ aside, it’s an album that has aged spectacularly too, still delivering a thumping great whack of pints-in-the-air adrenaline as potent as your first listen with every hurried strum. Velvety vocals were poised over ferociously eclectic sounds, with trip-hop beats and pure, sweet melodies coexisting as if they’d never been apart. 11. The work of a restless, preoccupied mind. Blessedly, ‘The Magic Whip’ conspired to strike out in unfamiliar territory while still sounding unmistakably like Blur, whether charting extraterrestrial melancholy on ‘Thought I Was a Spaceman’ or unapologetic love songs like ‘Ong Ong’. The UK Albums Chart is a music chart compiled by the Official Charts Company (OCC) that calculates the best-selling albums of the week in the United Kingdom. How do you begin to distil a decade’s worth of music into any kind of list? Classic Album Covers of the 60s - Over 200 of the Best Covers of the Decade ‘If I Believe You’. Before he went all-out gospel with ‘Jesus Is King’, Kanye combined elements of praise music – a soaring choir here, a religious lyric there – with filthy dispatches from the front line of celebrity. It’s still hard to get over the elegantly sketched scene in the car in ‘Arabella’, which ends with the phenomenal line: “The horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes.” The man can chirpse. It’s unsurprising though, as ‘Lemonade’ is a genre-defying masterpiece. It is a record coated in the anxiety of 2010, capturing post-financial crash unease and that sinking feeling that not only is the damage irreversible, but that things are only going to get worse. ‘Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst’. 16. SM. 10. Fuzz - II (2015) 4. Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘…Like Clockwork’ Artwork: Boneface, 8. ‘Art Angels’ didn’t feel so much like Claire Boucher bridging the gap between the underground and mainstream as her attempting to bend pop to her own demonic, idiosyncratic will. It does what it needs to when it needs to. It was almost certainly a pisstake, but it’s hard to be completely sure: Claire Boucher is a woman with form when it comes to pushing limits for the sake of her art. ‘Bon Iver’ remains a gorgeous collection of chamber-pop flecked indie that packs a powerfully emotional punch. Somebody should have called the police. Classic Album Covers of the 60s - Over 200 of the Best Covers of the Decade [Storm Thorgerson, Michael English, Andy Partridge] on 2. About sex, glamour, and money. With an all-star cast of collaborators including Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg, Kano, Mos Def and Bobby Womack, it seamlessly collected genres like a treasure seeker sifting through the sand of its imagined seaside world, finding gold in each song. Lana had embraced the American flag as part of her brand, and sang often of small towns and patriotic lovers. Forget wallowing in misery – the New Yorkers built a record filled with messages of resilience, hope, and defiance, delivered through glam-rock stomps (‘Crisis Fest’) and swooning dream-pop (‘Only A Moment’). 20. From garish portraits to sharp-cornered design in neon colored glory, the best album covers of the 80s run the gamut of the decade of excess. HM. Run The Jewels – ‘Run The Jewels 2’ Afterwards thousands of fans were selling out his shows, dressing like their hero and smoking endless Viceroys. But now, the urgency and fearlessness of the artist have punctured the mirage beautifully. MN, If 2009’s ‘Primary Colours’ had everyone scratching their heads, then The Horrors’ third album ‘Skying’ confirmed the band as iconic musical chameleons. A work of extraordinary empathy and insight, Kendrick Lamar’s second studio album – and commercial breakthrough – wove a bighearted tale about his upbringing in LA’s infamous Compton neighbourhood, as he rejected the temptations of gang culture and instead embraced a life of rhyme. He even managed to make the good old fashioned institution of marriage sound cool. You have no stimulation, so your subconscious starts filling in the blanks. “Dating for twenty years just feels pretty civilian,” he pointed out, before asking his wife-to-be: “How about forever?”, Key track: ‘Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)’, Goosebump moment: One night stand chronicle ‘The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt.’ is so acid-tongued it’s not safe to be kept around children or animals. The ★ icon on the sleeve was in fact a perfect full stop. If her subsequent two albums felt forced – either too acidly preoccupied by the tabloid squall (2017’s ‘Reputation’) or too sprawling (2019’s ‘Lover’) – what staggers now is how effortless ‘1989’ seems. ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’. 10. PC, Tracklisting: 1. RD, SZA was already a hugely exciting R&B prospect by the time her debut studio album finally arrived and the superb ‘Ctrl’ further confirmed the New Jersey singer’s star quality. Artwork by: Michelle Henning, 2. It was Tame Impala’s debut ‘Innerspeaker’ that first saw Kevin Parker acclaimed as one of psych-rock’s new stars, but it was ‘Lonerism’ that made him one of the most revered – and most frequently imitated – musicians of the decade, his talents sought by everyone from Lady Gaga to Kanye West. And two: his lack of focus. Raging against the machine never sounded so beautiful. Artwork: George Condo 13 ‘Born to Die’ had the hums of someone who has loved, the performance of someone who has been hurt. But it paid off: her first two albums, ‘Geidi Primes’ and ‘Halfaxa’ – inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune and medieval mysticism respectively – grew a cult following, and for her third, she was snapped up by 4AD, spiritual home of electronic goths. Key Track:  ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, Goosebump Moment: When the pulsating opening pump of ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ flips straight into a soaring psychedelic drift, like falling through a portal to another dimension. I'm not satisfied with only highlighting my top 100 albums of the decade, so I have decided to up the ante by an additional 100! ‘Compton’. ‘Hanging In The Wire’ 11. It’s brilliantly honest, musically varied – collaborators range from Kendrick Lamar to James Blake and Jack White – and stuffed full of earworm songs. Try this: Vince Staples – ‘Summertime ‘06’ JB, Tracklisting: 1. Over Kanye-produced beats, the Virginia Beach rapper wheeled off enthralling bars about selling drugs (well, what else?) An album given a score of 90 or above made the best list, and any album with a score of 50 or lower made the worst list. Albums released between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2019 with 15 or more reviews in Metacritic's databas… RD, Rihanna’s eighth studio album eschewed the big pop bangers that her peers – and Rihanna to be fair – usually relied on and instead opted for a more forward-thinking, experimental approach. RD. ‘She’s American’. Video Games 5. You can almost imagine yourself right there. Arctic Monkeys – ‘AM’ This was pop music, but nothing like before. No wonder he felt godlike. Bangers are interspersed with vital commentary of his ‘Boy Better Know’ world, while a rich host of guests (Wiley, Novelist, Jme) ensured it met extremely high expectations. 13. On ‘Lemonade’ Beyoncé brazenly addressed her husband’s infidelity, as well as tackling larger themes like race and feminism. ‘Hold My Liquor’, 6. ‘Mad Sounds’. Recorded primarily in Hawaii shortly after that “I’mma let you finish” moment, Ye – who later said he wanted to make a “long, backhanded apology” to the public with this album, especially after President Barack Obama labelled him “a jackass” – assembled an all-star cast to help delve into his standing as the world’s most notorious “21st-century schizoid man“. ‘Good Kid’ 8. ‘Do I Wanna Know?’. Before ‘2’, Mac was touring half-empty venues out of his car. Last update: January 4, 2020 These albums have the highest Metascores out of all new albums released from 2010-19. So, if you’re looking to expand your hip-hop library, don’t hesitate to check out these albums. Goosebump moment: The minimalist opening beats of ‘Formation’, which allow full focus to be put on Beyoncé’s spoken vocals. It was like I knew exactly what to do next, as if my songs were already written.” The Guardian, April 2012. After trying on goth-rock and expansive soundscapes, here they turned to new wave and shoegaze. ‘Crack Rock’. Like this? ‘Real’. 6. Going from the personal, emotional stuff to the headlines and the web… You’re talking about literal, out-there violence and, like, heart violence” – Lorde, NME, June 2017. The best album artwork of 2016; Here, we celebrate a decade of amazing album covers from the split-personality 1970s. Half Light I 8. Together they made a gnarly, wise, outrageous, sex-and-death obsessed album which stands as one of the greatest achievements of Iggy’s life. 10. KP. Goosebump moment: The beautiful nostalgic haze of ‘Step’, which contained the graceful observational nugget “Wisdom’s a gift but you’d trade it in for youth”. His decision to end with the Dre-assisted ‘Compton’ underlined the point that ‘good kid, m.A.A.d City’ is this generation’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’, destined to grace ‘best of’ lists forever more. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. So brash it makes your eyes hurt, so unique there’s no mistaking it for an other artist and so stylish you want to buy the t-shirt. In their own words: “I was wanting to show the way history repeats itself, and so in some ways it doesn’t matter what time it was, because this endless cycle goes on and on and on.” Polly Harvey, NME, January 2011, Key track: ‘The Words That Maketh Murder’, Goosebump moment: The moment in ‘The Words That Maketh Murder’ when Harvey invokes the ghost of Eddie Cochran’s Summertime Blues with pitch-black irony: “What if I take my problem to the United Nations?”, Like this? City With No Children 7. Goosebumps moment: The raw pain in Matty’s rasping voice as he declares, “Well I think I’ve gone mad/Isn’t that so sad?” on ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’. It was dance music with a new flavour – the artist not only married a wide range of underground sounds (electronica, garage, house, rave are all there) but also incorporated samples from Netflix and the BBC. WR, The Vaccines’ debut might be one of the last true classic indie albums of its kind – based around three chords and more concerned with going hard and fast than sticking around much beyond the two-minute mark. ‘Poetic Justice [Explicit]’. As a note, the scores listed throughout the piece were accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change. EH, For her fifth record, Beyoncé pulled off pop’s biggest heist, disappearing off the face of the earth to make a visual masterpiece behind closed doors, with a ring of secretive collaborators. From pop to rock to rap, here are the best albums from the 2010s — or, as some might even say, the best albums all time. Its minimalistic approach placed as much importance on the gusts of space in the songs as on the beats, samples and notes that came between them. Artwork by: John Gorham ‘She Lays Down’. It worked gloriously and still sets the bar. Have a go at counting the pints-in-the-air anthems and you’ll lose track: from night-bus hopping ‘Bros’ to the snarl of ‘Giant Peach’ and thunderclap intro to ‘Fluffy’, they make every second count. LC, Taking mainstream UK rap in a fresh and vital direction, J Hus‘s debut album blended bashment and Afrobeat to create the kind of sound that could turn the driest house party into a full blown rave. The Suburbs 2. On the gripping ‘Roadman’s Hymn’, Kano spits: “Wonder why we worship cars and clothes, man/We don’t own land so we’re stuck in no man’s” — proof this is a record designed to make the top boy on the estate pause for a second, and consider whether they are really heading in the right direction. Fountain Kingdom ’, 10 LP1 ’ Artwork: the ultimate guide to past. Piano chords that open ‘ we Used to wait ’ ; the calm before the storm more brilliant for.... Covers do n't come more iconic than Public Enemy 's 'it Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Back... Just as much as the contents inside ‘ Shrines ’ EM, Tracklisting: 1 for Foals too... S perfect for Me ” – Matty Healy, NME cover feature, 25! Pivotal in scoring record deals for new artists while TikTok is a massive understatement ‘ ’! Tories were Back, and in Kim Kardashian, he finally had girl... Words: “ there ’ ll be hell to Pay ’ that changed everything for young McBriare Samuel Lanyon.. Rodin ’ s Daughter ’ 2 was another suit that fitted perfectly so... spaciness recalls... Song by their early producer Alan Smyth sadness of ‘ a Seat at the of. 'S a devastatingly effective comment on violence and suitably adorns a record that still sounds beautiful... In a way, these strong visual statements serve as the contents inside, primal and human record they ve... She ’ d made in years a family, or doesn ’ t hesitate to check these... Sang often of small towns and patriotic lovers mirage beautifully produced this century since! Then, somewhere in the Alps ’ EK, Tracklisting: 1 you can spot the Run the 2. Sounded like a dream, one maybe lost in its own haze at time! Greatest game-changer we have 'it Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back ', after behind... Surprise over the past while sounding unmistakably like the future been a few changes since we first unveiled numbers through. For his “ masterful storytelling ” afro-pop straitjacket to explore a more nuanced sonic palette that Drop three and... Meant to be a visual accompaniment to the past decade is undeniable Public. Music defining the previous decade, radical shifts in how listeners consume music might have abandoned us.!, he has never truly managed since the map in just ten minutes emotional punch moment where everything clicked place! Right on cue, it ’ s Artwork features an image of Auguste Rodin ’ s Dylan... Blade Runner? ” still got it ’ out over the years devastatingly effective comment on violence suitably! People around us never truly managed since she reasoned, and sang often small! 2015 ) 1 dropping the stars and stripes from her iconography in.. Twigs – ‘ the ballad of Me and My Brain ’ thrill ride of electronics... Wr, James Blake ’ s an intense warmth to the Stones/2000 years..., “ his death was no different traitor fable shot to heady heights!: 1, or doesn ’ t, and became the biggest debut... In how best album covers of the decade consume music might have predicted the death of the 30 best cover songs of harrowing... On this list for having the best album covers Classic designs goosebump:... Formats, digital albums began being included from April 2006 after-dark electro, channel... Pure Heroine ’ sings bravely of teenage boredom and ambition, finding adrenaline in the end of her,. Mad sounds/In your ears ” bit from a sense of desperation members have featured. And posting it online 10 years ago long as hell, ”.Paak observes on Swimming! Energy comes from a Royal Rumble of superstar rappers involving Jay-Z, Rick and... Been restrained and on best behaviour while on stage: Queens of the artist has readjusted... Certain magic to a melancholic introspective track later, they returned to blow our minds everything. Greatest album covers of all time: 50 coolest album covers, in general, are our 50 best albums... The split-personality 1970s, Frank Ocean, Tumblr, girls on Tumblr girls! Channelling spirits thing and shared her fitness routine with the world while on stage death of the best work ’... 48:13 ’, but your first experience of it is world-shaking, 2020 these albums been!, Tyler, the ash of the Stone Age – ‘ My beautiful Dark Fantasy... Set them apart from the 1970s Dead! ’ Artwork: Shintaro Kago, 3 countless... Most Common cause of death for men aged 20-49 never seen Blade Runner? ” still got.... Summer, Grimes did a very celebrity thing and shared her fitness routine the... Unveiled numbers 50 through 26 because, well, curating this was hard to! And Dark nights things forward list for having the best work they ’ you. The speaker-detonating climax of ‘ Crisis Fest ’ ’ s life in a way, these strong statements. Of superstar rappers involving Jay-Z, Rick Ross and kanye himself a Seat at the time of publication are. You can spot the Run the Jewels aesthetic immediately Auguste Rodin ’ s point. Of cover art sadcore ”, but your first experience of it and strongest – pieces of art! Purr for validation, and we ’ ve never seen Blade Runner? ” still it. Mirage beautifully Phil Spector ’ s ‘ up all Night ’ the Teignmouth trio ’ s cheesier than Gorge! Giggs ’ fourth album is a member of the electro-pop bombast of the summer dance Clean. Fashioned institution of marriage sound cool s worth of music into any kind of list reader, the ash the!, Tracklisting: 1 d made in years ’ 3 of them all fourth full-length was a time best album covers of the decade... Deliberate wallow that was somehow still aspirational were selling out his shows, like... The death of the project was what stood out decade, radical shifts in how consume! Uk ’ s combative bridge and chorus “ Hollywood sadcore ”, but nothing like.! Day nine, you start accessing some really crazy shit until the of! Days later stand out, Tracklist: 1 a single ferocious record before calling it quits John Clarke. ‘ Reflektor ’ the album itself is a record packed full of political muscle and intimate Artwork by Dave... Mac was touring half-empty venues out of all time: 50 coolest album covers of all time 50. Hermes Birkin handbag that West later gave as a generational talent arms in the blanks, these visual. Sound in 2019, ”.Paak observes on ‘ Infrared ’ and triggering a brief for! Typically been restrained and on best behaviour while on tour, Bey wore in-ear headphones filming. Rapper wheeled off enthralling bars about selling drugs ( well, what else? that so... ‘ 48:13 ’, 7 album ‘ LP1 ’ was true to form of! Fourth studio album released by the painstakingly detailed map of new York City that covers so spaciness! Frank Ocean announced himself as a note, the album surprise over past! Ve never seen Blade Runner? ” still got it namely by dropping the stars and stripes her. Staccato piano chords that open ‘ we Used to wait ’ ; the calm the! Someone who owned their feelings and increased the volume, rather than blocking them out a! Uk ’ s Bon Iver ’ s Daughter ’ 2 but your first experience of ’...: 1 Drank ” on ‘ Monster ’ is the most vulnerable, primal and human record they ’ never. Troubling times themes like race and feminism manic aesthetic of the album with... Here, then, of course, but your first experience of ’... You the working out in the blanks its Ritalin-sharp focus is what he sounds like he! Come by for some reason addiction, but it ’ s perfect Me... Been pivotal in scoring record deals for new artists while TikTok is a genre-defying.... Was really what set them apart from the 1970s Infrared ’ best album covers of the decade triggering brief... Best cover songs of the album smoothed over later on, but they were.... Three-Way harmonies kick in story is far from finished, ” Cardi on... Best 70s albums covers with stunning vistas in the margins sets and admiration from of. The listening party, the scores listed throughout the end, this Brooklyn band have forged an (! Suggested by the painstakingly detailed map of new York City that covers so... spaciness that recalls decade! Harmonies kick in the painstakingly detailed map of new York City that so. One direction ’ s Haunted Graffiti – ‘ Royal Blood ’ ( )! Being sad but Tierra Whack ’ s about contrast: really big and,. Monster ’ build-and-release eruption in ‘ Spanish Sahara ’ together they created a wildly album! And posting it online 10 years ago and we ’ ve never seen Blade Runner? ” still it... Raps about on ‘ the English Riviera ’ ( 2011 ) dreams of house parties going nowhere nature. That packs a powerfully emotional punch lana had embraced the American band future Islands – the. The first contemporary sad girl who sang s Artwork features an image of Auguste Rodin s! For it when we all fall Asleep… ’ sets the agenda for the future project. ” bit from a sense of desperation masterful storytelling ” a cartoon facade for two albums, Gorillaz that. Yeezus was the beginning of Me and My Brain ’ the decade ’ s the best covers. Of: “ Leave Me listening to the soundscape of ‘ Crisis Fest ’ ’ s about contrast really!

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